Sometimes you kick,Sometimes you get kicked!

Let us introduce ourselves;We are Jeff and Susan Schaefer and we are from a city in east-central Wisconsin.As you can guess,we are Wisconsin sports fans through and through…even the Brewers,but Susan dosen’t like baseball-especially after a drunk spilled a beer all over Susan during the only Brewer game we ever went to back on Saturday night,Memorial Day weekend 2010. (Don’t blame Susan.She was born in a suburb of Toronto,Ontario,Canada,and yes,she likes hockey better than baseball).


I,Jeff have been a Packer fan since I was born (I was born during the Lombardi Packers’ first playoff run in 1960,and even as a two-month old I could feel the excitement in the air..As a three year old I got to meet and get an autograph from Henry Jordan of the Packers. Flash forward twenty-one years when I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Steven Point,I met a young lady who lived in our dorm (Nelson Hall),and as we talked we found out we had a few things in common. We both had fathers who died young of heart ailments,and we had loved ones who were in harm’s way as members of the U.S.Armed Forces,and “Scooter” and I talked about our fears about our loved ones and how we handled the loss of our fathers. “Scooter was a very sweet lady,and we became good friends. A couple of years later I was reading Jerry Kramer’s book with collaborator Dick Schaap,”Distant Replay” where i came upon this line about a Suzanne Jordan who was a student at UWSP I stopped,did a mental triple take and then realized “Hey! That’s Scooter!” There were many celebrities at UW-Stevens Point during the years of 1982 to 1985: Dick & Kathi Bennett (who was another classmate of mine) and Terry Porter (future NBA star and former coach of the Milwaukee Bucks).


Susan also went to UWSP at the same time I did,but although we went to the same high school (I was a year older than Susan was),we never met until I met her at a Hardees restaurant as I was going to La Crosse with the UWSP Soccer Club. Susan waited on me and took my order and as we talked we found out that we lived in the same town (Fond du Lac)..Igot my order and I didn’t see her again…until 20 years later at a support group,where we were dealing with various personal problems. Susan and I became friends,and soon our friendship caught fire, and then we were married February 22,1997 in Fond du Lac, a month after Brett Favre,Reggie White and Mike Holmgren led the Packers to the Super Bowl XXXI championship. Yeah,those were good times!


It’s getting late,so We’d better close by stating that although we are Wisconsin (Packers,Badgers,Bucks,Golden Eagles,Phoenix et al.),we’ll try to be as objective as we can in our blogs. Sometimes we may have differing opinions,but most of the time we agree and maybe that’s why Susan and I have been married for over 16 years!


As we put this blog (and ourselves) to bed at 3:00 CDT,Susan & I say:ENJOY!!!